Why Every Professional Business Should Have A Security Alarm

At ARC Alarms, we believe it’s crucial for all business premises to have a professional security system installed. We believe it’s a must for every business for many different reasons and is one of the things any new business owner should consider putting in place straight away. Let’s take a look at just some of the benefits of having a security alarm system in your business…

Security Alarm for Business

Protect Your Business Assets and Employees

Paying to have a professional security system installed could save you thousands of pounds if your workplace was to be broken into and have items stolen from it. Often thieves are put off simply by the presence of an alarm system, as they know it won’t be as simple or as straightforward as breaking into a property that doesn’t have any security system installed. This means an alarm can act as a deterrent and put off potential intruders and burglars from entering, saving your business assets, stock and any other valuable items you may have stored on your premises. It also protects against having to pay for any repairs to damage that’s caused by intruders entering your business premises.

Having a professional intruder alarm system installed also helps your employees to feel like they have a safer working environment than they might if there was no system installed. This is especially important if some of your team members work late shifts, unusual hours or are at your premises alone at any time of the day or night. Having a security alarm system provides them with a feeling of safety and security and allows them peace of mind. It also helps them to feel as though their employer cares for their wellbeing whilst they’re at work and can contribute to a positive company culture.

Your Business Insurance Premium Will Likely Go Down

Having a professional security alarm system installed at your business premises will likely mean your business insurance premium will go down. All of the alarm systems that are installed and maintained by ARC Alarms are covered by the NSI approved scheme which means our customers qualify for a discount on business insurance premiums.

At ARC Alarms, we have been installing, servicing and maintaining alarm systems for businesses across Birmingham and the West Midlands since our family run business was established in 1978. We are able to install wired systems, wireless systems, ‘audible only’ systems, monitored systems for key holders or for police notification and security lighting systems too.

If you’d like a security system installed at your business property or would like to find out what your options are, contact ARC Alarms today. One of our expert installers will be able to visit your site to assess your needs and requirements and make a recommendation on the best type of system for your needs and budget. From there, we can arrange for quick and easy installation. Give our friendly team a call on 0121 475 1596 today or email admin@arcalarms.co.uk.

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