The Different Types of Alarm Systems and The Benefits of Each

At ARC Alarms, we have decades of experience installing, servicing and maintaining a range of different types of alarm systems for both commercial and domestic customers across Birmingham and the West Midlands. We are able to install wired alarm systems, wireless alarm systems, ‘audible only’ alarm systems and monitored systems for key holder or police notification. There are different benefits to each different type of system, so let’s go through the key features of each.

Types of Alarm Systems

Wired and Wireless Alarm Systems

Wired and wireless alarm systems offer similar benefits, however, there are a few key differences between them.

Wired systems are thought to be more reliable as they are hardwired into the mains network and don’t rely on batteries etc for them to work. This means there’s no issue if batteries run out of charge etc, as the system is permanently on using mains electricity. The downside to wired systems are that they normally require holes to be drilled in walls etc in order for cables to be installed and these can detract from décor as wires will be showing.

Wireless security alarm systems are far more streamlined and don’t leave owners with unsightly wires travelling throughout their home or place of business. Wireless systems also mean owners don’t have to worry about holes being drilled into walls, or any other modifications to allow them to be installed and connected to mains electricity. This provides a much more seamless system with less intrusion on your décor style.

‘Audible Only’ Systems and Monitored Systems

‘Audible only’ alarm systems, sometimes referred to as bells-only alarms are non-monitored systems where a ringing noise is generated whenever the alarm is set off. This is best to provide a visible and audible deterrent to potential thieves and to make a loud noise which would scare off any intruders once they had set the alarm off. These systems are also good for alerting residents or occupiers if they’re at home or in their place of business and someone tries to break in, which allows them to take the necessary actions.

Monitored alarm systems that notify either the key-holder or the police when the alarm is set off are some of the most effective alarm systems on the market. With this type of alarm, you, or a nominated friend, family member or employee can be notified immediately upon the alarm being triggered. This means that you or whoever the nominated person is finds out immediately and can then contact the police or a nearby neighbour to investigate the issue as quickly as possible.

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