The Benefits of Having an Intruder Alarm in Your Home

At ARC Alarms, we have been installing intruder alarm systems for domestic customers in Birmingham and across the West Midlands since our business was first established in 1978. That means we understand just how important a home security system can be for customers and there are many benefits of having one. One of the major benefits of having a home security system is that it acts as a deterrent right from the very beginning. The moment a potential intruder sees an alarm box on the front of your property it can be enough to put them off any thought of breaking and entering as they usually only look for easy targets, which generally means properties without an alarm installed.

Intruder Alarm in Your Home

Comfort and Increased Value

The presence of a home burglar alarm system can make homeowners feel more at ease in their property, as they know if there was ever to be a break in that they’d be alerted right from the very beginning and could take action accordingly. It also allows for peace of mind when you leave your home to go on holiday. Instead of worrying about how secure your home and the valuables contained within your home are, you can relax, assured that your home is as well protected as it could possibly be against thieves and intruders.

Having a burglar alarm installed in your property can also increase the value of your home considerably. This is because most homeowners see security as a vital component of any home. For those searching for homes, they want to move into a secure location where the chance of a home invasion is as minimal as possible. It’s reported that the average price a burglar alarm can add onto your property is £5162 – a considerable amount and far more than alarm installation would cost in the first place.

Your Home Insurance Premium Will Go Down

Did you know that having a certain type of home security system installed will mean your home insurance premium goes down? All of the systems that are installed and maintained by us at ARC Alarms are covered by the NSI approved scheme. This means our customers qualify for a discount on home insurance premiums. Offering peace of mind and saving money!

At ARC Alarms, our decades of experience in the security business have equipped us with the know-how to install burglar alarm systems for homes, businesses and other properties throughout Birmingham and the West Midlands. Our installations are top-notch, ensuring complete customer satisfaction and peace of mind for all. All of our staff are highly trained and have many years of experience to allow them to install, service and maintain systems to the highest levels.

If you’d like to have a security alarm installed or find out more about the benefits of having one, contact ARC Alarms today. Give our friendly and professional team a call on 0121 475 1596 or, alternatively, email today and one of our staff members will get back to you as soon as we can.

Burglar Alarms in Birmingham

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